Explore the world of English with our General Intensive Courses!

Our comfortable school is located in a modern building in Downtown Fort Lauderdale, only a short distance from the beaches, banks, museums, and cafés. And most importantly, we have wonderful teachers & classroom spaces to help you acquire and learn the English language in dynamic settings.

Furthermore, our curriculum incorporates many actual aspects offered by our surroundings to create opportunities for “contextual learning”.

Discover the power of language!

The course

The course All General English programs will help you develop the four skills of English, speaking, listening, reading, and writing, using actual life situations and appropriate materials, with a strong focus on conversational skills. Our general intensive courses, including the General English Intensive (Code GEA2) and General English Intensive (Code GEB), will provide you with even more opportunities to improve your language skills effectively in an English-only speaking environment.

Teachers will introduce you to new vocabulary, idioms and grammar structures in a pleasant, interactive manner. Classes will also provide you with pronunciation techniques accent reduction and error correction. The course will help you Improve your communication skills effectively in an English-only speaking environment. A two-week minimum course is required.

Your first day

When you arrive at the Language Academy, a member of our staff will meet you and check your registration. Next you will be asked to take a placement test composed of a written and listening test. Then you will have an interview with the Director of Studies or a Senior Teacher. During this conversation your understanding of spoken English will be assessed. Level placement is based on the combined results of these two tests. During the first day, our staff will introduce you to the school, the local amenities and life in Fort Lauderdale.

Course Levels

There is a special program of study for each level and our grading system enables you to change to the next level when you are ready.

There are seven levels of instruction:

  • Beginner
  • Elementary
  • Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Upper Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Proficiency

Our classes are small and carefully graded. The maximum number of students in an Executive Course is 5 and there is a maximum of 12 students in a General English class. This rule applies to all daily courses. All courses are multinational and English is always the means of communication with the teachers and with other students.

Course Description

LEVELS: A2 Beginner to C2 Advanced

WHEN: Every Monday (if Monday is a Holiday, classes will begin the next business day)

MINIMUM AGE: 16 years


  • Levels: A2 Beginner to C2 Advanced
  • Hours per week: 17 Clock Hours/week
  • Visa Requirement: B1/B2 Tourist Visa or ESTA (Visa waiver)


  • Levels: A2 Beginner to C2 Advanced
  • Hours per week: 19 Clock Hours/week
  • Visa Requirement: F1 Student visa


  • Levels: A2 Beginner to C2 Advanced
  • Hours per week: 27 Clock Hours/week
  • Visa Requirement: F1 Student visa

Our General English Intensive course (Code GEB) provides the most comprehensive language learning experience with 27 clock hours per week.