Welcome to our beautiful school in Fort Lauderdale.

Welcome to our beautiful school in Fort Lauderdale. Our City is one of the most delightful locations in the U.S, and it offers various summer programs.

It is only 25 minutes by car from Miami and it is surrounded by parks and beaches. Fort Lauderdale is an attractive residential area and offers countless free-time activities. The Museum of Modern art is within walking distance and so is world-renowned Las Olas Boulevard, a shopping and restaurant heaven. There are facilities near the school for swimming, squash, tennis, football and water sports. Students from all over the world come to Fort Lauderdale and while studying at the Academy you will meet with a fascinating international crowd and make new friends.

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The Sunshine State

Fort Lauderdale, Florida is an ideal location for summer programs due to its sub-tropical climate and abundance of free-time activities. With 310 days of sunshine per year, students can enjoy the beach almost every day of the year. Additionally, the state offers a variety of natural attractions, such as a long chain of islands off the southern coast, over 30,000 lakes, and the Everglades National Park. The park is an ideal destination for field trips and preserves the natural habitat for thousands of tropical plants and animals, making it an excellent educational opportunity.

Finally, with its international reputation as the “Venice of America” thanks to its 85 miles of navigable waterways and canals, Fort Lauderdale is an exciting location for students to explore during their summer program.

To plan your visit and explore more attractions in Fort Lauderdale, visit the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau website.


Florida has a sub-tropical climate, ideal for enjoying the beach almost every day of the year. December – May (Winter) are the mildest months and January the coolest with an average temperature of 75F. June – November (Summer) are the hottest months with an average temperature of 85F. Offices, restaurants and public places are air-conditioned, so make sure you pack a sweater or light jacket for indoors. Bring your beach attire and comfortable shoes for excursions.